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Harrison High School

Course Syllabus for Spanish II Honors

Fall 2017


Gayla Galuszka




678.594.8104 Ext 2117

Textbooks and Useful Tools

Descubre 1 and Descubre 2 Strongly suggested: Word Reference Dictionary App (free) on your cell or carry a paperback copy of a Spanish/English dictionary with you.

Help Sessions

Extended Learning tutoring sessions are available through the World Languages Department. They will be posted on the 300 hallway and online at www.harrisonhigh.org

I also offer tutoring on Thursdays and Fridays, 7:45- 8:05 a.m.


COMPOSITION BOOK for journal writing, 3-ring binder with dividers, loose-leaf paper, #2 pencils with eraser, and black or blue pen.

Grading Procedures

Interpretive                                                                                   25%

Interpersonal                                                                                25%

Presentational                                                                              25%

Participation                                                                                 10%

Final Exam                                                                                     15%

                                                                                         TOTAL 100%


VHL Central

Sra. Galuszka’s Quizlet


Study Spanish

Word Reference


BLOG & Internet Resources


Go to my blog for daily activities and assignments. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the blog on a daily basis, especially when you are absent. Students are responsible for everything posted on the blog. Students will use VHL Central Supersite to complete practice activities that correlate with the Descubre textbook.

Formal & Informal Assessments

Summative Assessments:  You will be evaluated on your ability to read, write, listen and speak Spanish.  If you miss an assessment due to an excused absence, you are expected to make arrangements within 2 days of your return.  Previously announced assessments will be taken on the day of your return to school.  It is your responsibility to make transportation arrangements for this day.  Previously announced projects are due ON the due date.  Please make arrangements to turn in your project by the date due.Formative Assessments:  Announced or unannounced assessments will be given on a regular basis.  You may be assessed every day. If you review the material regularly you should have no problems with any assessment.  These assessments may include listening, speaking, reading and writing or a combination of these.  If you miss an assessment due to an excused absence, refer to the Absences section of this syllabus for procedures.

Extra Credit

Extra credit could be offered periodically and at the discretion of the teacher.

Cell Phones

Students shall not use, display or turn on cellular phones, video phones, or electronic devices during instruction time except when a teacher uses these devices for instructional purposes.  The consequences for inappropriate cell phone is a discipline referral.

Absences & Make-Up Work

Absences will affect your participation grade and you will be expected to make up work missed during your absence. Make-up days and times are the same as the Help Session days and times. The existence of the blog makes it much easier for you to keep up with class assignments and to come to class prepared following an absence. If an illness becomes extended or dire, please contact Admin II immediately and they will set up homebound assignments. You cannot make up work from an unexcused absence unless you have followed school procedures and had the absence pre-approved by Mr. O’Neill.

References & Citing Work

You are expected to cite the source of works which you have consulted in preparation for this class. You may not claim someone else’s work as your own. This includes Internet sources. Please refer to you handbook for plagiarism. You may not use translation programs such as Google Translate to translate your work or use family or friends to do your work. If you are suspected of plagiarizing, you will receive a grade of zero and will be disciplined according to Cobb County School Policy. A discipline referral will be placed in your permanent file.


Homework is expected to be 100% completed. Credit will not be given for incomplete work, nor will late work be accepted unless you have an excused absence. Pre-assigned homework is expected to be turned in on the day you return to class. If you miss class for any school event (sports, cheerleading, choir, band, etc.), you are required to turn your homework or any other assignment in to me before you leave the school that day.  You are also required to get the class assignment and homework missed for that day. Both parts should be ready the next class day. For an excused absence, please refer to section Tests and Projects for procedures.

Agreement for Use of

Computer Labs

  • Gum, food and drink will be left outside of the labs.
  • Students will refrain from changing lab settings such as computer and headset connections.
  • Students will not load personal software onto computers.
  • Students should assist in the care of the lab and lab equipment.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to make the teacher aware of any equipment problems.
  • Students will sit in their assigned seats unless directed otherwise.