Teacher: Gayla Galuszka
School E-mail: gayla.galuszka@cobbk12.org
School Phone:


678.594.8104 ext. 2117


AP Exam Date

Course Themes:

AP Test date (all students are strongly encouraged to take the test): Tuesday, May 8 at 8:00 AM.

Global Challenges                   Contemporary Life

Science & Technology            Beauty & Aesthetics

Personal & Public Identities    Families & Communities

Textbooks+ Supplementary Texts:












  • Draggett, Parthena, Cole Conlin, Max Ehrsam, and Elizabeth Millán. Temas: AP® Spanish and Culture. Boston: Vista Higher Learning, 2014.
  • AP Spanish: Preparing for the Language Examination, 3rd Edition, José M. Diaz,(Pearson Education,2014)
  • Triángulo, 5th Edition, Barbara Gatski, John McMullan (Wayside Publishing, 2014)
  • Abriendo Paso: Lectura, José M. Díaz, María Nadel, Stephen J. Collins 2007
  • Abriendo Paso: Gramática, José M. Díaz, María Nadel, Stephen J. Collins 2007:


  • El Mar Dentro.  Dir. Alejandro Amenábar. 2004. DVD.  New Line Cinema. PG-13.
  • Bajo la misma luna, Dir. Patricia Riggan. 2007. DVD. PG-13.
  • Carol’s Journey. Dir. Imanol Uribe. 2002 DVD. PG-13,
  • The Way Home 2003 DVD PG
  • El Destino no tiene favoritos. Dir. Alvaro Velarde. 2003. DVD






Supplies: 1.  Black/Blue pen and pencils

2.  12 MEADE Composition books for audio and journal entries.

3.  503 Spanish Verbs and  Dictionary (100,000 + words)

Assessments: Presentational                                                                                                            20%

Interpretive                                                                                                                 25%

Interpersonal                                                                                                              20%

Vocabulary, Grammar, Thematic Assessments + Participation        20%

Final Exam                                                                                                                   15%

TOTAL                                                                                                                          100%

Websites & other Resources See blog for AP Spanish digital resources

Telemundo  or Univision

Record/watch Despierta America



Course overview


The AP® Spanish Language and Culture course is a rigorous, college-level course taught exclusively in Spanish that helps students improve proficiency in the interpretive, interpersonal and presentational modes of communication in order to prepare students to use Spanish throughout their lives in various contexts. This 5/6 semester course builds upon skills and content studied in the previous four/five semesters, where the six course themes have previously been studied in order to prepare students for the AP® experience. Our department believes that a well-articulated language program is key to our students’ success.


Behavior Expectations:


All students are expected to treat themselves and others with respect, refrain from interfering with others’ learning, be honest in the classroom and with coursework, and arrive prepared.


I adhere to all school-wide regulations including behavior, discipline, attendance policies and plagiarism. As a language department, we consider the use of Google Translate or any other electronic, online or in-person translation services when completing homework or classwork to fall under plagiarism.



You will be expected to honor the “Palabra de Honor” on a daily basis.  In this class, speaking Spanish 100% of the time will be required. This means you will “raise the bar” to challenge yourself to use a higher register of Spanish. You will be expected to study the language regularly and keep up with grammar topics.


Taking risks with the language in order to try out and use new structures, verb forms, and vocabulary to build communication skills. Everything required is to help you reach the learning goals. The work is challenging, but manageable as you recognize the progress you are making in Spanish communication, you will feel pride in your accomplishments and will be rewarded with credit hours after passing the AP Spanish Language Exam.


Homework:  Late work is not accepted at this level as homework will be used for class instruction, partner activities, etc.  Not being prepared affects the entire class. You are to respect your teacher’s time as well as your peer’s.


Students are expected to keep all work done in this class regardless of logged grades in Synergy. Students are also expected to monitor grades weekly and if a student is missing a grade the student is expected to inform the teacher within a week.


Homework provides the necessary practice that makes one prepared for larger assessments.

Text and Tasks:

Our textbooks are full of authentic resources pulled from a variety of sources in the Spanish speaking world. Additional authentic resources such as literature, essays, magazine and newspaper articles, current websites, podcasts, video and other current audiovisual resources are used to help students explore different cultural elements from the Spanish speaking world and compare them to their own experiences in order to understand target cultures and thus communicate more richly and effectively. As a result of the learning experiences from this course, students should be able to do the following tasks using Spanish:

  • Understand spoken and written Spanish in authentic dialogues, lectures, oral presentations, newscasts, newspapers, letters, essays, podcasts, Internet articles, instructions, short stories, novels, poetry and other mediums.
  • Speak on a wide variety of formal and informal topics through presenting, convincing, arguing, Inquiring and describing with accuracy and fluency. Write formal and informal compositions in a wide variety of styles (e-mail, creative writing, presentation, analysis, synthesis) with appropriate grammatical structure, rich vocabulary use and proper use of register to differentiate between audiences.
  • Discuss interdisciplinary topics, building on knowledge acquired from other courses (Connections)
  • Understand the cultural similarities and differences (products, practices and perspectives) between students’ native cultures and target cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and use new knowledge to understand unique perspectives and communicate more richly and effectively. (Cultures)
  • Take the AP® Spanish Language exam in May.
  • Use Spanish to communicate authentically in the local and international communities during the course and throughout the rest of their lives, using the three modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal and presentational.



Student Name (printed) ___________________________________________________



Signature Page

It is the responsibility of every student to print out this signature page for this course syllabus and to sign it as well as have their parents to sign it. The syllabus will remain on the blog for reference throughout the semester. Students have already signed the student handbook and are expected to abide by all policies and procedures as set forth in the H-Book as well.


I am aware of my responsibilities as a student in Sra. Galuszka’s Spanish class.

I am aware of my teacher’s expectations with respect to classroom behavior and academic performance.

I am aware of the rules of the foreign language labs and understand my responsibility for their care. I know that I must remain in an assigned location and notify the teacher of any problem with the equipment in my assigned space. I understand that I will be subject to disciplinary action and to restitution if I vandalize the equipment in any way.

I am aware that I am to follow all school policies and procedures as set forth in the H-book and will be subject to school discipline.

I am aware that I am responsible for my own actions. I know that if I use a translator or friends and family to produce work, it will be considered plagiarizing and I will receive a grade of zero and will be disciplined according to Cobb County School District Policy.

I am aware of the grading procedure(s) of this class.



I have read the AP Spanish Language and Culture course syllabus and understand what I have read.


Student Signature




I have read the AP Spanish course syllabus and understand the expectations and grading policy for the class.

Parent Signature




****Please print, sign (parent and student), and return this page to me in class*****