AP Spanish: Week of April 10


What are the learning objectives?

  • The student synthesizes information from a variety of authentic audio, visual, and audiovisual resources.
  • The student plans, produces, and presents spoken presentational communications.
  • The student engages in spoken interpersonal communications.

What are we doing today?

  • The AP exam is in 3 weeks and we have a ton of work today. Please be prepared to complete exam practice on any given day.
  • On Friday, students will write an essay over topics studied in contextos 3 and 4. Students should be able to use the following resources in their essay:
    • Arrugas
    • La población urbana mundial cercerá un 75% los 6300 millones en 2050
    • Para presevar los recuerdos y la historia
    • Déficit de espacio público ahoga a los bogotanos
    • El país de la casualidad
    • Los ciudades son de los ciudadanos
  • Students will complete the following activities this week: