AP Spanish Literature + Culture

AP Spanish Lit.: Week of January 7

About This Week

¡Feliz año nuevo! We will hit the ground running this week. This will be an adjustment week as we combine both AP Spanish Language and Culture and AP Spanish Literature and Culture into the same class block. Students will have reading assignments to complete and we will begin our first unit of the semester: Las sociedades en contacto. Students will examine the following topics;

  • Assimilation and marginalization
  • Diversity
  • Socioeconomic divisions
  • Imperialism
  • Nationalism and regionalism

Schoology Code: RPPT4-TZ9XM

**The calendar below reflects important dates for both AP courses. Please log in to Schoology to view your class calendar. 



What are the learning objectives?

  • The student will become familiar with the course, their teacher, and their peers.

What are we doing today?

  • Students will present themselves to the class.
  • Students will go over important parts of the syllabus.
  • If time permits, students will play Taboo.

What is the homework?

  • Always view the calendar for important dates.

Tuesday- Friday

What are the learning objectives?

  • The student researches and discusses how the viewpoints of people in countries where the target language is spoken are reflected in their practices and products, such as political systems, art, architecture, music, and literature.

What are we doing today?

  • Students will complete a grammar or writing activity as a warm-up.
  • Students will have time in groups to work on their reading activities, review vocabulary, and study for their author’s quiz.
  • On Thursday students will have time with Sra. Galuszka to go over their progress and questions about the readings.

What is the homework?

  • Check the calendar for important dates.