AP Lang. 2020

AP Spanish Lang.- Week of April 20

Office Hours: 

  • Weekly assignments will be posted every Monday by 9:00 A.M.
  • Students can email me anytime at senoragg@gmail.com or gayla.galuszka@cobbk12.org. Please email me with questions or to request a digital meeting. I miss you guys. Shoot me an email and let know how you’re doing. 
Things to continuously work on:
  • Prepare for Country Test– We will still have this assessment as it prepares you for the cultural comparison, but the format of the assessment is TBD. 
Assignments to complete in Schoology:
  • Simulated Conversation- prima de La Ciudad de Mexico
  • Cultural Comparison- Religion
Exam Prep:
  • Please visit AP Classroom and complete assignments as you can.